Marl helps - Strong together.

Dear citizens of Marl,

The energy crisis is affecting us all. A lot of citizens are concerned about the future and are saving every possible kilowatt hour of electricity and gas in order to keep current and future costs as low as possible. In order to continue to guarantee the supply in Marl, it is now important for all of us to save energy. Because every kilowatt hour saved, helps to get through the months ahead easier.

In order not to leave our citizens alone in the winter months, an alliance of numerous municipalities and sponsors has come together and would like to offer you various forms of help under the motto "Marl helps". Are you interested in cooking together with other people from the neighbourhood in Marl? Or do you want to get together with other families for an afternoon of games and exchanging ideas? On our website you will find ideas and other forms of help that will certainly correspond to your situation.

In this context, I would like to express my thanks to all the municipalities and sponsors that have come together under the motto "Marl helps" to support and accompany you during the winter months. 

By the way, as the city administration, we have already implemented a large number of energy-saving measures in our buildings and we want to set a good example. Because solidarity has always been very strong in Marl. From the bottom of my heart, I would also like to ask you to show your solidarity in this situation. Anyone can participate in making the savings. We have also provided you with extensive information concerning this on our municipal website. You are very welcome to take a look and help!


Thank you very much!
Good luck!

Werner Arndt

Electricity is essential! NOTHING works in the household without a refrigerator, stove or water heater. At the start of the month, power payments have priority above everything else. If you have difficulties with payments that are too high, talk to your energy supplier.

 Warning - Danger!! 
Alternatives forms of heating can be a death trap! Do not use barbecues, naked flames, tea light stoves, gas burners or similar appliances in rooms!!


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